What do you get when you cross a badass Stuntwoman with a Hollywood Producer??... Cake Without Candles!! Prepare your earballs for this poppin’ power-duo featuring husband and wife team, Elisabeth Carpenter and Scotty Lund. Their tunes are a mix of fun, punky-pop-dance-funk with an occasional down-tempo tune thrown in…cuz…well, they can! 

This power couple collaborates daily to create authentic, innovative, exciting, fun, in-your-face power-pop that’s super groovy and soothing to the soul.  Their signature is blending genres to defy definition, and combining raw instrumentation with electronic elements and some cool beats! 

Even when Elisabeth is leaping off buildings, crashing a motorcycle or fighting super-villains, they continue their creative flow from afar. From time to time, Scotty will hop on a plane with mobile rig in hand, producing the next track on his way to visit whatever exotic location Elisabeth is filming. All in the name of creating their lifeblood: music!

Have a look and a listen, and remember to click on our links below, save us on Spotify and sign up on all of our social media fun so we can keep y'all updated with new tunes, vidz, and other cool stuff we can throw atchu!

CWC ~8-)


6.07.21 ~ Be on the lookout for our brand new Summertime fun song with the fab Franky C on June 18!! Gonna be a lil' bit Bossa .. a little bit Pop .. and a lil' bit Hip-Hop and a whole lotta coooool breeeeeeze........ Pre-Save on Spotify HERE!! If you haven't already, please Like AND Follow us there! ~8-)


5.14.21 ~ Our new song Stronger than Forever dropped today!! We're really excited about this one cuz it's been a loooong one in the making. We started writing it before Scotty became ill and came back fightin! Elisabeth was by his side the whole way and now the song has more meaning than ever and all about enjoying the moment right now!!


 2.19.21 ~ Our brand new blistering-in-yo-face-pop-nugget "You Got It Or You Don't" dropped TODAY!! We're so excited cuz it was such a blast to write!. That's our friend Pete Kicks from Satellite Sky killing it on guitar duties! Thanks Pete!!  Pre-save on Spotify here, share and don't forget to follow/friend us on all Social Media! Hit the links below ;)

...oh, and p.s. ... Video coming soon!! Ya won't wanna miss this one (hint.. Elisabeth struts her stunty badassness in this one!). In the meantime, we actually DID use it to showcase her awesome stunt reel. Check it out here


2.01.21 ~ Scotty just put the finishing touches on a brand new rockin'-down-the-highway song that will be the theme song for a fun spoof film on Rambo: First Blood! whoa... ~8-)


 10.31.20 ~ A Halloween surprise to get you through the Covid gloom.. Check out the new release of our ANIMATED (yep, a cartoon for ReaLzZ!) video of our brand new song "Ultrasonic" here!!


7.22.20  ~ Our brand new breezy Summertime song "OMG" co-written with the amazingly talented Meli Malavasi dropped TODAY!! You'll def want this rockin on your beach playlist! ;) Check it out here!


7.03.20 ~ AND NOW FOR A KICK IN THE FACE!! :)) Now that we have your attention, venture on over here to listen and/or purchase our new rawkin' female-empowered single "Coming for You (feat. Goldduster)"!


 5.15.20 ~ Need a few minutes of pure ear-party fun during the Covid crisis??!? Our EP "Rooftop Party!" just released today!!! Available on all platforms here


4.12.20 ~ We released our single "Back to You"!! Available on all digital outlets including iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, etc. All proceeds during the COVID-19 crisis go to an awesome charity dedicated to supporting our frontline heroes at First Responders First. You can catch our Lyric Video here

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